Episode 8 - Questions to Answers

As we finally get to know the famed Mr. Alfonso, our heroes are left with far more questions than when they started. As they search for answers, the mystery that is Malfus Reede continues to grow deeper and deeper.

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Episode Credits

Produced by Play+1 and Charging Moose Media

Based on the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast

Story by Brian David Judkins

Andrew Krug
Eddie Cooper
Landree Fleming
Ned Donovan
Sarah Babe

Sound Capture and original Sound Effects by Will Melones

Theme Music by Alexander Nakarada of SerpentSound Studios

Additional Music by:
Alexander Nakarada
Darren Curtis

Edited and Mixed by Ned Donovan

Special Thanks:
Megan Judkins
Will Melones
Josh Samuels

Episode Transcript

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