Episode 1 - Let's Get This Party Started

“The First Encounter” - by Joenell Luma |  Twitter  |  Instagram

“The First Encounter” - by Joenell Luma | Twitter | Instagram

Five strangers meet in a tavern on the eve of the Ravnican New Year's Festival. A mysterious man, a strange metal orb, and a pack of goons set the adventurers off on a collision course with destiny.

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Episode Credits

Produced by Play+1 and Charging Moose Media

Based on the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast

Story by Brian David Judkins

Andrew Krug
Eddie Cooper
Landree Fleming
Ned Donovan
Sarah Babe

Sound Capture and original Sound Effects by Will Melones

Music by Alex Nakarada of SerpentSound Studios

Edited and Mixed by Ned Donovan

Special Thanks:
Megan Judkins
Will Melones

Episode Transcript

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Brian  0:00  

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first episode of Encounter Party, an audio adventure governed by the rules of Dungeons and Dragons. My name is Brian David Judkins and I will be your Dungeon Master for this story. With me are five professional actors and comedians from across the country who will help me spin this tale. But before we get to any introductions, first, I would like to welcome you to the world of Ravnica. Originally conceived by the card game Magic: the Gathering, Ravnica is a realm made up entirely of one massive sprawling cityscape. Vying for power are 10 unique guilds, each who control vital aspects of Ravnican life. Thankfully, their feuds are kept in check by an enchantment known as the Guildpact: a magical treaty that protects the city from all-out guild war. The end of every Ravnican year is punctuated by a two-day festival known as the Celebration of the Guildpact, where the fair people of Ravnica give thanks for their continued peacetime. Our story


takes place the day before the festival in the Third District of Ravnica, 34th Precinct, Theaters Row. Day workers labor non-stop to prepare the streets for the festival, as every part of this city becomes decorated from roof to gully in streamers, flags, tents and canopies. While every guild is represented, Theatre Row leans mostly towards the Orzhov banks and the nihilistic Rakdos cult. The cult's prominent red and black decoration barely covers the char of whatever recent deadly Rakdos performance the Orzhov banks have yet to replace. And although another year is ending in Ravnica, our story's just beginning. As I welcome the players to the table, ladies and gentlemen, let's get this party started.


Welcome, everybody. Let's get started. So, by tradition, you all meet at a tavern. But not just any tavern. This is a massive two-story ale house that is located on one of the prominent corners of Theatre Row. It is known to everyone as The Legend. Or at least it was, until a giant hit his head on the sign, splitting it in two. Now simply known as the Leg End, it has become a favorite watering hole for the Boros Legion, which is the military guild of Ravnica. The owner of the Leg End is a gruff, pot-bellied man everyone calls Dodgy on account of a bum leg that prevented him from enlisting in the Boros. However, his favor with that guild makes this a pretty hassle-free area for the military to hang out. The Leg End is a no-weapons-allowed establishment as notated by a large red sign above the door that says 'No Weapons Allowed.'


In fact, you can see on that wall that all of your martial weapons are actually sort of magnetized, attached to the wall. Dodgy explains to you if you are entering the joint for the first time that there is a magical barrier over the Leg End in which all martial weapons are seized by the front wall. And in fact, any objects or items whatsoever that a person attempts to use to physically harm another living creature while inside the Leg End will magically sort of zip out from their possession and fly and get stuck onto the wall. As Dodgy busies himself cleaning a few glasses he looks out over his tavern to see that there are a handful of people here for what we can call 'Happy Hour.'


Okay, so now let's meet the players. Let's go around the room, describe our characters, give the audience a chance to meet you. Up first from the Golgari Swarm, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Andrew Krug who will be playing our elf druid.


Andrew  3:57  

Sitting as a table against the wall, watching


the front door is Lorzatch Rot-Speaker, a Devkarin elf of the Golgari Swarm with the pale coloration and rough complexion of a people long used to laboring underground. His dark brown hair is matted, coiled into thick natural locks pull back from his face and tied with leather cord strung with beads of bone and scavenged glass, framed and pinned by a lattice work of bones. He wears robes of scavenged hide, an elaborate mantle of specially cultivated fungus forming a scalloped crust across his neck and shoulders. Beneath this coat of office he wears armor crafted from the cast-off moltings of goliaths and kraul. His alabaster visage is colored by discrete pockets of chromatophores, their otherworldly colors complementing and marring alike the shifting moodmark enchantments that frame his likeness. His eyes have a constant look of appraisal; cautious, appreciative and often amused.


Brian  4:58  

From the Azorius Senate, Mr. Eddie Cooper, who will be playing our human cleric.


Eddie  5:06  

Lennox Brightburne the Azorius human cleric stands tall at six foot three. He has dark black skin and long pristine dreadlocks, some of which are adorned with copper rings and blue and white beads. His


most recognizable feature is the lack of pigment going down the side of his left face, starting at his hairline, and ending just past his cheek. He wears heavy armor, painted blue and white and wields a shield and a mace. In the center of his shield is the symbol of his guild.


Brian  5:43  

From the Selesnya Conclave, Mr. Ned Donovan who will be playing a human fighter. 


Ned Donovan  5:50  

At the bar, hunched over his Brevin Ravle, a Selesnyan fighter of some renown, who stands apart from a crowd. His tanned skin is covered completely with vine tattoos of a green so vivid you would call it luminescent if it actually glowed. As the vines creep around, up and over his neck and his skull, they come down his face and to his eyes where you find two unnatural green of the exact same hue. Wearing chain mail armor designed more for mobility than it is for defense, he sits with his drink peering around the bar, taking in everything, saying nothing, judging all.


Brian  6:34  

Now from the Boros Legion herself, please let me introduce Sarah Babe, who will be playing our war drummer. 


Sarah  6:42  

In the corner of the tavern, sitting at a table, looking like she's been there many times before is Fikarra Ordruun. Fikarra is a minotaur of the Boros Legion. She wears her legionnaire armor with pride over her chestnut-colored skin. Her light blonde hair is styled in an impressive mohawk. Her maces and drum hang from her hips and only add to the pristine look of her armor. She has that certain shine to her eyes that lets you know she hasn't been in the Boros Legion for very long. 


Brian  7:14  

And lastly from the Izzet League, Landree Fleming, who will be playing a sorcerer of one of Ravnica's new races known as the Vedalken.


Landree  7:25  

Alone at a table near the Leg End's door, chosen for no particular reason, you see Zenia the Vedalken of the Izzet Guild. Six foot tall, lean and lithe, young for a Vedalken at 41, with azure skin and violet eyes. She'd cut an imposing figure if she wasn't repeatedly rubbing her palms on her pants, attempting to generate static electricity. Absentmindedly she sips a glass of tepid water and if one passed closely enough to her table, one might overhear her muttering incoherently about conductive metals and the next predicted storm.


Brian  8:00  

So as you are all sitting there, nursing your drinks, privately enjoying your happy hour, the front door to the tavern suddenly bursts open. And there's a man who stands in the doorway, pausing slightly as he was not expecting this many eyes to be looking upon him as he opened what he was hoping was probably an empty bar. What you can make out under his ragged robe is that he is a disheveled man; very unclean, unshaven, very nervous as he sort of classes around at all of you while trying not to make eye contact, and he sort of scrounges up to the bar like a mangy dog. He's going to squeeze his way into the bar between Lennox and Brevin. Fikarra, from your corner you would be able to see but you're not going to be able to hear too clearly. As for the other two of you, unfortunately his back is to you. Everyone can hear he's having a conversation with Dodgy and you can very easily hear Dodgy's half of the conversation but whatever the guy is speaking, he is trying to keep it quiet. Dodgy approaches the man with a casual annoyance: "Oi, what'll you have?" The man speaks tiredly: "Something to drink. I'll take the whole bottle. Food if you have it." "You're too early for supper, all I got now is beer and a bit of bread." The man says: "That's fine. Anything." And you see Dodgy zip to the back of the bar, pour a mug of ale, bring it back and a stale crust of bread. "It's twenty zibs for the brew and the day-old's on me." Those of you at the bar see this mongrel reach underneath his ragged cloak and pull out with a bare hand this perfect steel orb. Let's, all right, let's roll perception everybody to see kind of what we say about him. What do we get?


Andrew  9:40  



Brian  9:40  



Eddie  9:41  



Brian  9:41  



Ned Donovan  9:42  



Brian  9:43  



Sarah  9:44  



Brian  9:44  



Landree  9:45  



Brian  9:45  



Great, I would say, Andrew, that you can see that he clearly has produced something from under his cloak. For the three of you except for Landree, unfortunately is hanging way back in the bar rubbing her legs for static electricity. He pulls out something shiny, the type of shine that he's actually trying to hide underneath the cloak so it doesn't immediately radiate out into the thing. But he presents it to the barkeep, he says, "What is this?" He says, "It's valuable. Just take it." "Oi oi oi, I only deal in zibs and zinos, you pay coin or you don't drink." He says, "This thing's worth this whole entire place combined. It's fine. Just take it."


Eddie  10:25  

I take out coin and I throw a coin on the table. I say, "I'll take that off your hands for you."


Brian  10:32  

He looks at you kind of over the cloak and one of the things that you can see is the reason why he may be hiding his face is he has like black vein tendrils, like some sort of infection that seem to be crawling up his neck. And he looks at you very angrily and very dirtily and says, "This is not for you." 


Andrew  10:53  

Can Lorzatch see any of that from where he is?


Brian  10:55  

No, what you sense is a barkeep who is not happy with a patron that has sort of disturbed the peace of the tavern. And as you saw the man kind of walk in you wouldn't be able to see any of that vein, the veinage, veiniture, the veins.


But you would at least have the uneasy sense as everyone kind of walked in that this is a man who has been on the road. This, this is not a man of pristine character who just kind of walked in, he sort of like stumbled in and demanded some food. 


Ned Donovan 11:26  

I would like to know 


Brian  11:27  

You want to know whether or not you know what it is. At this point, based on your position, you would not be able to see his face, but you would be able to see, like, he clearly went in, they're having some sort of conversation, Dodgy is very easy to hear. He is not because he's talking very quietly. 


Eddie  11:42  

And what exactly is it, friend? 


Brian  11:43  

He says, "It's none of your business." 


Ned Donovan 11:46  

I believe you made it the business when you brought into the bar.


Brian  11:49  

Make a Constitution saving throw, please.


Eddie  11:53  

Oh, come on Constitution. 8. 


Brian  11:57  

An eight. You are severely intimidated. Whatever this is, this is not a casual conversation of like, 'Hey, you look like you're in trouble.' Whatever this is, is like, above your pay grade. This is not interesting. Ned, you did choose to engage briefly. 


Ned Donovan 12:12  



Brian  12:12  

Please go.


Ned Donovan 12:13  

'I believe you made it our business when you brought it to the bar. Now we're here trying to have a great drink and you're bringing your foully dark mood into this space and making us all exceedingly nervous. So I'm going to need you to get a drink, get some bread, drop a couple zibs, and stop talking about the creepy orb or talk exclusively about the creepy orb.'


Brian  12:33  

So he turns to you. 


Ned Donovan 12:34  



Brian  12:35  

With dagger eyes. He's even less pleased with you then he was with Eddie. Please give me a Constitution saving throw. 


Ned Donovan 12:42  

Nat 20.


Brian  12:45  

Nat 20. Okay, you're not intimidated by whatever. This is a mangy dog. This is upsetting your day. The next two days of the festival you're either getting ready for it or trying to get your last day of safety in before the festival. And this just ain't happening. Before this man gets a chance to bark back at you, the front door pushes open violently and in walks a crowd of street tough looking guys at the head of them is a very, very large man, in just about every dimension you can imagine that word. On his face, he wears a massive grin. And he has a mustache that stretches out way past his cheeks in an absolute straight line. He also has goggles on his face, and he is wearing a half cloak. The other guys look to be not necessarily in uniform, but at least some sort of choreographed dress as if to make sure that they're all known to be a group traveling together. 


Sarah  13:39  

So like a boy band?


Brian  13:43  

We'll say all black with maybe a red stripe somewhere. 


Eddie  13:46  

It's the theater district. 


Brian  13:48  

The theater district. It is the theater district. 


Sarah  13:51  

Oh boy. 


Brian  13:51  

So they turn to address the vagabond up at the bar. And the big guy in front is clearly the guy in charge. And he just sort of looks up and says, "That is the face of a man who thought he had gotten away from us. We were just waiting to see where you were going. But this. This is just disappointing. Now, where is it?" You see the mongrel sort of flusteredly, "I don't have it." And the large man sort of leans in with this, "Oh yes you do. Mr. Alfonso is not going to be very happy about this." Now as they kind of take a step in, all of their weapons, obviously, the the swords, the short swords, and the daggers that the guys are carrying all fly from their belts and stick to the wall. And the man kind of looks around and goes, "Ah, magic barrier. That must be very expensive. But do not worry, barkeep, this is not a weapon." And he pulls off his half cloak. And he has this massive mechanical arm, like about the size of a person and he simply pushes it out and launches it and it reaches out and grabs the vagabond like a vise grip and starts dragging it back towards him.


Sarah  15:11  

Is it still attached to him?


Brian  15:13  

Oh, yeah, it's like a grapple arm.


Sarah  15:14  

Oh, so it's like arm, chain


Brian  15:17  

Arm, cable. 


Sarah  15:19  

Oh, cable.


Brian  15:19  

Body, claw. That is so big that it can wrap completely around the guys torso. Can I get Perception checks from the two of you at the bar. 


Ned Donovan 15:31  

Passive Perception or our actual perception?


Brian  15:32  



Eddie  15:34  

Do I recognize that name?


Brian  15:36  

Give me an Intelligence check. 


Eddie  15:39  



Brian  15:40  

Yes, you know that Mr. Alfonso is a man of incredible wealth, but he is a very studious man who deals in objects. To your knowledge, he has no bad relationship with the law. He's not like a criminal in any regard. But he is a man who deals in things of a scholarly nature and is incredibly wealthy. 


Ned Donovan  16:08  

My passive Perception's 14. 


Brian  16:10  

Your passive Perception's a 14. 


Eddie  16:11  



Brian  16:13  

At the moment, you are completely distracted by this man. 


Eddie  16:18  

So I stand up. And turn around and say, "I'm sure Mr. Alfonso would not be so pleased with you coming in here and causing such a ruckus in his name."


Ned Donovan 16:29  

'And I believe that that was really aggressive, but this is not a place you fight. \


Eddie  16:37  

And I show him my badge.


Brian  16:38  

He kind of looks at you and he goes, "Oh no, Azorius law dogs." 


Ned Donovan 16:44  

I am no Azorius. 


Brian  16:44  

"Boys, why don't we help these fine folk forget we were even here."


Let's roll Initiative.


Landree  16:57  

Oh no.


Brian  16:57  

Alright, so you've got some goons who look like they're rustled up for a bar fight. They are five in number, one per player. Conveniently. Lorzatch, as you are close to the door, there is one pretty close to you who looks like he's ready to try and come clobber you while you're still seated at the table. 


Lorzatch takes one last sip of his wine and sets it back down on the table, flexing his open hand as his skin seems to grow thick, calloused, and leathery as these growths emerge from his knuckles over his fingers and turn into wicked sharp claws 




Andrew  17:33  

As he approaches the nearest goon.


Brian  17:35  



That says natural 20 


Andrew  17:43  

And Lorzatch will roll


19 acid damage


Brian  17:49  

Oh my god


Oh my god


Sarah  17:54  

I'm just gonna walk out the back door, 'cause this guy's got it. 


Brian  17:57  

These guys were just looking to rough you up a little bit too keep you from mentioning about the events that happened here, but out of nowhere this undercity-dwelling Devkarin elf just sort of stands up from the bar with a lethal acidic hand and you just sear the face off of this guy who was completely unprepared. One of these goons just like drops down dead like in front of everybody. And there's this weird, like, 'did somebody just get murdered in the tavern, like, what happened?'


And so he is dead. Lennox, my Azorius police officer, you have just heard a nasty scream and watched a man get killed at the front door. 


Eddie  18:36  

So Lennox looks at the elf and says, "I appreciate your intent. But please do not kill people in the tavern." And he walks over 


Brian  18:44  

So cordial. 'Please don't murder.'


Eddie  18:48  

And he casts Spare the Dying on the goon on the floor.


Brian  18:51  

So the goon is no longer murdered, he is alive but he is unconscious and will be out of the fight. For those of you listening at home, there is no such thing as an official goon in the D&D Monster Manual. We're just using it as a derogatory term. We are in fact just using Bandit stats. But for the sake of the gameplay, we are calling them goons. 


Eddie  19:14  

If Lennox says you're a goon, you're a goon.


Brian  19:17  

The law says you are a goon!


Fikarra Ordruun.


Sarah  19:23  



Brian  19:24  

Some people are messing up your favorite watering hole.


Sarah  19:28  

Not in my tavern. Well Dodgy's. Not here. And just run at the nearest, the nearest goon. 


Brian  19:38  



Sarah  19:39  

And I'm going to go with my horns right into them. 


Brian  19:41  

Oh, can you remind me how this works? So you like dash? 


Sarah  19:44  



Brian  19:45  

At the end of a dash you can put down your horns and ran them with your horns because you're a minotaur. Love the new class. 


Sarah  19:50  

Yeah. I know, right? It's great.


Brian  19:51  

Please go right ahead. This is fantastic.


Sarah  19:52  

I'm super excited. Hopefully, 


Brian  19:54  

I have no attachment to these creatures I've made so please kill them, but don't kill them, no


It's our first natural one of the campaign. Would you please make a Constitution saving throw? Because I don't think you're looking at the line of sight of that tavern. 


Sarah  20:14  

You know, I may have had a few drinks. So it's very possible that is a, Constitution, you said? 13.


A 13.


Brian  20:23  

Okay, I think a 13 is okay enough. But as you put your horn down and you start running, you're like, 'Oh, I think the beer's taken over and you sort of, waddle waddle waddle waddle waddle waddle and just run straight on, horns-first into that big wooden pillar support beam.


Ned Donovan 20:40  

Sarah, I really hope this isn't foreshadowing.


Sarah  20:42  

Oh no, no, we're done, we'll be fine.


Brian  20:44  

You're like, 'I got him!' 


Sarah  20:45  



Brian  20:46  

'He's made of wood.'


Sarah  20:47  

'Hold on, what. When did that get there Dodgy?'


Brian  20:50  

Hey Zenia. So you look up from your mutterings and realize that there's stuff going on. It's a little bit more exciting than it was 20 seconds ago.


Landree  20:59  

Zenia sets down her glass of tepid water. She really does not want to get involved. And she looks around the tavern and spies the closest goon to her.


Brian  21:08  

Oh, there's one like coming up to you at the table who says, 'Oh, look at this frail Vedalken. I'm going to wail on her.' 


Landree  21:14  



Brian  21:15  

Oh, I just got the worst side eye from her. You guys didn't see that.


Landree  21:21  

Since you reflect Zenia's chilly mood, she's going to cast Chill Touch at this son of a bitch.


Brian  21:29  



Landree  21:31  

For 11.


Brian  21:33  

11 will not hit unfortunately.


Landree  21:35  

Zenia sees, Zenia sees that this, this undead hand just kind of flops to the center of the table and she tries to cower behind one of her chairs.


Brian  21:47  

She's like, 'Ooh.' Brevin. 


Ned Donovan 21:52  

Okay. So. All right. Question. 


Brian  21:56  



Ned Donovan 21:56  

It's when an object becomes a weapon that it flies to the wall, correct? 


Brian  22:01  

The minute that something not, that is not part of your person. 


Ned Donovan 22:05  



Brian  22:06  

That you make the conscious decision to use as a martial or an improvised weapon. 


Ned Donovan 22:11  



Brian  22:11  

The magic barrier on Dodgy's tavern immediately sucks that up and sort of magnetizes it to the wall. So people can't stab and dome each other while they're drinking.


Ned Donovan  22:21  

And as a first time attendee of the Leg End, would I know that?


Brian  22:25  



Ned Donovan 22:25  

Would I know that?


Brian  22:25  

Um, well


Ned Donovan 22:27  

I know the weapons went, but would I know that like, that's, you know what I'm saying?


Brian  22:31  

Uh, here's what I'm going to say. I'm going to make that a character choice as your first time here. I mean, it's pretty clear that if you pull out a dagger and try and use it that it's going to happen, but as far as like a loaf of bread, you might not know what's going to happen.


Ned Donovan 22:45  

So here's what's going to happen. Brevin turns, looking at this room, having just seen someone die, having just seen like a hand come out, having seen a minotaur run into a pillar.


Sarah  22:54  

Can we not talk about that?


Ned Donovan 22:57  

Try and look straight at the nearest goon on the far side of that table and hurl his mug of beer as hard as he can at the, at the offender.


Brian  23:05  

So as you like crank back to launch this tankard at this guy, you feel an incredible amount of resistance. And you realize, 'Oh, just the thought of me using this as a weapon to hurt somebody is enough to trigger the magic barrier,' and the mug just sort of flies out of your hand and zips up to the no-weapons-allowed wall and you realize, 'Oh, this is sort of a loose interpretation of what we're utilizing here.' But you haven't actually used your action yet. So you can still do stuff.


Ned Donovan 23:33  

So then I say, 'no matter,' and I run right over, jumping off that bench and clearing the table to tackle the goon on the far side.


Brian  23:41  

Oh, let's make an Acrobatics check here for that.


Ned Donovan 23:46  

Great great great great great great great


Sarah  23:47  

But that's the guy I was gonna attack.


Brian  23:49  

Well, you're currently occupied by the pillar.


Ned Donovan 23:52  

A 19.


Brian  23:53  

A 19. Very good. Yeah, easily. It's a bench and a table. Step step. Let's make an attack roll. 


Ned Donovan 23:59  

Oh, I have to attack. That's. That's correct.


A three? 


Brian  24:07  

I was gonna assume by your pause that it did not end well.


Yeah, I'm gonna say you look a bit of a dick as you're like, you kind of lose this tankard and then you gear up for like a Randy Savage move off the table and he just stops and then just a swift kick that just doesn't go anywhere. So it is now the, the goon's move. We'll go in order. Well, Lorzatch, yours is currently on the ground I don't think you're


Andrew  24:38  

Narrowly not deceased.


Brian  24:39  

I think you're not getting attacked. I think the one that was sort of targeting Lennox Brightburne might have the compassion to at least say, 'Wow, you healed somebody. I'm not going to attack you.' But as for the undercity dweller, we're going to come in and and and throw some fists. Does an 18 hit? 


Andrew  24:58  

An 18 will hit. 


Brian  25:00  

It's unarmed, you will take two bludgeoning damage. 


Andrew  25:04  

Got it. 


Brian  25:04  

And you clearly get this these guys are not intending to kill you, they're just trying to beat you up to the point that you go, 'I don't know who you are. I didn't see you.' Fikarra, you're currently stabbing a pillar.


Sarah  25:19  

I was looking at me funny. 


Brian  25:20  

As one, as one, as the one, there's sort of two by you and by Ned so one is going to swing at you. Does a 15 hit? 


Sarah  25:31  

It does not. 


Brian  25:32  

A 15 does not hit. And as for you, Ned, one's going to try and uppercut you in the split divide as you're standing above him on the table.


Sarah  25:41  

In his bit of a dick area. 


Brian  25:42  

Does a 17 hit? 


Ned Donovan 25:43  

It doesn't. 


Brian  25:44  

A 17 does not hit you? 


Ned Donovan 25:45  

I have an 18 Armor Class.


Brian  25:49  

Do you have a shield? 


Ned Donovan 25:49  

I do. 


Brian  25:50  

Oh, okay. Well, okay, thanks.


Thank you for, I was like, what, you're level two, what do you have? Oh, a shield. So he tries to throw a rather dirty uppercut and your shield just sort of points it down and he punches your shield instead. 


Ned Donovan 26:06  

Ow, that's pretty painful. 


Brian  26:09  

Zenia. A 7? 


Landree  26:12  



Brian  26:14  

So you're, she's sort of like dancing around the table like 'hee hee hee,' and this goon is trying to like get you, like 'get over here.'


Landree  26:22  

Yeah, at this point, it has now become a kind of game for her.


Brian  26:27  

Top of the order. Lorzatch. There are four remaining.


Andrew  26:31  

Lorzatch will approach the nearest goon and will strike with his Primal Savagery. Those same gross crusty fungal growths coming out of his fingertips. And will a 15 hit?


Brian  26:47  



Andrew  26:48  



Brian  26:48  

Yeah, they're not wearing anything.


Andrew  26:51  

For one point of acid damage.


Brian  26:53  

Okay, so you, like


Andrew  26:56  

Lightning does not strike twice.


Brian  27:00  

You like melted this dude's face and I can see you just sort of turning to him with this devilish grin and just being like, 'yeah, it's the same thing.' And the guy's like, 'oh god oh god no.' And for whatever, you just reach out a single finger and just ssss on his nose.


Ned Donovan 27:17  

Did you just nose boop him? 


Brian  27:18  

Yeah, just sort of boop him on the nose, little acid. Lennox. There are two in front of you. One is smoking a little bit off the nose.


Eddie  27:30  

Lenox looks over and sees that the seemingly helpless sorceress is being attacked and decides to help her. 


Brian  27:37  



Eddie  27:38  



Brian  27:39  

Your Speed's 30? 


Eddie  27:40  

He doesn't need to. 


Brian  27:41  



Eddie  27:42  

He summons the sacred flame.


Brian  27:44  

Oh. This got very real. 


Ned Donovan 27:48  

Didn't you, didn't you just say don't kill people?


Eddie  27:52  

It's, it's, it's like not much more powerful than, it's not gonna kill him.


Ned Donovan 27:55  

Oh, great. I just imagine, just like flame appearing in the midst


Brian  27:59  

It's a cantrip.


Ned Donovan 28:00  

Okay, great. 


Eddie  28:01  

It's, it's, it's, it's, it's gonna make him go, 'Oh.'


Sarah  28:06  

Well gosh golly, maybe I shouldn't have done that.


Brian  28:09  

What have I done with my life, why have you become?


Eddie  28:13  

He has to make a saving throw. 


Brian  28:15  

Oh, what's the target number? 


Eddie  28:16  

14. It's a Dex 14. 


Brian  28:18  

So Dexterity? 


Eddie  28:18  



Brian  28:19  

Okay. That's a six. That's a seven. Like that matters. Like that difference matters. That's a six. No wait. It's a different number that also fails.


Sarah  28:30  

You know, sometimes it matters. 


Brian  28:32  

It does. Well, sometimes.


Eddie  28:33  

Three points of radiant damage. 


Brian  28:35  

So how does the sacred flame work? Is it just like a shining light? Or is it like, is it like a column of


Eddie  28:41  

Flame-like radiance descends from the heavens enveloping my foe. 


Brian  28:47  



Eddie  28:48  

Causing radiant damage. 


Brian  28:50  

So just this arc of light just comes through wherever and just like strikes this dude in the face at the exact moment that he sort of arcs the edge of the table nearest to you. And it's just this pinpoint precision shot is he's just sort of like, 'Ugh!'


Eddie  29:05  

And I say, 'Cease and desist!' 


Brian  29:07  

And he does. He just kind of like sits. He doesn't even make the chair. He just sits like right down on the ground. And you kind of catch a glimpse of Dodgy like, 'Where did that come from?' Just sort of like looking around. Did you put a hole in his tavern?


Landree  29:20  

Zenia thanks Lennox and then takes her glass of tepid water and throws it on the goon.


Brian  29:30  

Make an attack roll.


Landree  29:34  

She was trying to be compassionate, but sure.


It would be a 10.


Brian  29:41  

Yeah. So you just kind of miss with the water and it just sort of lands on his lap. Now he looks like he wet himself. As the cop was like, 'stop it.' And he's like, 'yeah,' and anyone else who doesn't really understand the exchange thinks he pissed him.


So we are going to, I guess shift the Initiative around a little bit in that particular. Fikarra, as you kind of pull yourself out from the pillar and just


Sarah  30:13  

Alright, one more time. Not here. Let's go. And I'll ram.


Brian  30:19  

Yes, so you're sort of doing a dance here with Ned's character Brevin over there. 


Sarah  30:24  

We're dancing. We're friends. 


Ned Donovan 30:26  

We're really cute. 


Sarah  30:26  

Yeah. We're adorable. That's a, that's a roll. It's an 11. 


Brian  30:31  

An 11 hits. 


Sarah  30:32  

Yeah! Hooray! I'm not gonna suck at rolling for this whole thing. That's going to be a seven.


Brian  30:42  

Okay. So you just like pull your horns out and look at this dude and with a big old minotaur fist just be like 'boosh!' Right across the face. Brevin. 


Ned Donovan 30:52  

So this guy who I whiffed on earlier, feeling a little awkward about it now. For the flavor and the role play and the bar fight. 


Brian  30:59  



Ned Donovan 30:59  

I'm going to do jump off the table and attempt to grapple him by taking hold of the front of his cloak.


Brian  31:03  

First, can I get an Acrobatics check? 


Ned Donovan 31:05  

Yeah, sure. 17.


Brian  31:09  

Great. This is gonna be a long campaign. You successfully jump off the table. You're in midair. Please. And then you're going to try and grapple him? 


Ned Donovan 31:18  

And grab him by the front of the shirt.


Brian  31:21  

Okay, it's going to be an opposing strength check. 


Ned Donovan 31:23  

Okay. 22.


Brian  31:26  

14. Great. So, you have leapt off the table and you've grabbed him.


Ned Donovan 31:31  

I am then going to Action Surge to headbutt him in the face. It's a 17.


Brian  31:36  



Ned Donovan 31:37  

So it just takes four points of damage. 


Brian  31:38  

Okay. So it is now their turn. 


Ned Donovan 31:40  



Brian  31:41  

They immediately realized that this was a stupid idea. And whoever told them to do this is not their friend anymore. And they begin to collect themselves and try and start making their way toward the door. At this point, as they kind of scurry their way out the tavern entrance you are left with one of them in the hands of Brevin.


Landree  32:02  

'Dodgy, is all this about that, that weird guy with the cloak thing? What's going on?'


Brian  32:06  

So Dodgy actually looks to you guys and is like, "I don't want anything to do with this! I don't even know what this thing is." And he pulls out the orb from behind the bar that had been shoved behind it when the fight started and he's holding it in his bare hand but he immediately drops it on the counter like in pain and is like, "Bloody hell! That's cold!" as if it's too cold to hold in someone's bare hand.


Landree  32:30  

Ooh, shiny. 


Brian  32:32  

It is very shiny. It is perfect. In every application. It is a perfect metal orb. 


Ned Donovan 32:41  

Given the Sage background, is this something that I would know from, like, is this like an object of lore? 


Brian  32:46  



Ned Donovan 32:46  



Brian  32:47  

You have never seen anything like this before.


Eddie  32:50  



Ned Donovan 32:50  



Brian  32:52  

It is so unsettlingly perfect, I would say. 


Eddie  32:55  

I have restraints? 


Ned Donovan 32:55  



Brian  32:57  

Do you have restraints? 


Eddie  32:58  



Brian  32:59  

Yes. We have rope. 


Eddie  33:00  

So I restrain him.


Brian  33:01  

Right. You would have a simple detainment spell. 


Eddie  33:04  



Brian  33:05  

So you, you would conjure like a ribbon of runes that glows in blue and white. 


Eddie  33:11  

Uh huh. 


Brian  33:11  

And you, you are able to restrain him in whatever way you wish.


Eddie  33:15  

And do I think that I need to use Spare the Dying on him, is he like bleeding out or anything? 


Brian  33:19  

No, it's non-lethal. He's just knocked out because he got a couple of fists and heads to the fists and head.


Eddie  33:25  

So I try slapping him awake. 


Brian  33:28  

Okay. That's, give me a Medicine check.


Eddie  33:35  

Wake up. 


Ned Donovan 33:38  

It's pretty good.


Eddie  33:39  

Plus 5. 18.


Brian  33:41  

Yeah, I would say that you managed to get him conscious. Did you want to do something? 


Andrew  33:45  

Just examine the orb with whatever skills


Brian  33:48  

So the orb


Ned Donovan 33:49  

Can you put the spores away, though? 


Andrew  33:52  

Oh they've, they've long since dispersed.


Brian  33:54  

The orb is


Ned Donovan 33:57  

For those at home Andrew just shook his head, horrifyingly.


Brian  34:01  

The, the orb is currently sitting on the bar in front of Dodgy and he seems very unwilling to touch it again.


Landree  34:07  

Zenia is entranced. She, she loves the shiny shiny, so she is just slowly walking towards it and I'd love to cast Detect Magic 


Brian  34:16  

Um, go ahead.


Landree  34:19  

Okay. Well, it's only 8.


Brian  34:21  

The only magic that you know for certain is in this bar is the spell over the doorway that currently holds all of your martial weapons. Yes, sir.


Andrew  34:30  

Lorzatch rolls an 18 for Arcana.


Brian  34:33  

For Arcana. You have no knowledge of this. It is, it seems so strange to have been manufactured in the way that it is. Again, it is so unsettlingly perfect that the question first above everything is who would even have the capacity to make this. It does have mystical properties to it, but you're probably reading that towards its actual make. 


Ned Donovan 35:03  

So look, gang, I don't know about you all, but this is kind of exciting. And I don't have much else to do today. So I think we should see this through. Now, what the hell is that? What do we do?


Brian  35:14  

Well, the one goon that has been subdued is now semi-conscious at least to talk. 


Eddie  35:21  

I pick him up.


Brian  35:22  

Yes, he is very lucid. 


Eddie  35:23  

And I throw them on this table right here.


Ned Donovan 35:25  

Sorry, Dodgy.


Eddie  35:26  

Clunk! "Why were you sent to acquire this item and what is it?"


Brian  35:31  

So one of the immediate things you notice about this guy is there's ample opportunity for him to swear and cuss all the way up and down this wall. But he seems to be incredibly polite even during all this. "Oh, geez. Oh man. This is really, oh sugar biscuits I'm really in it now."


"Oh, that guy, I don't know. Like, look, man, we just do what Gato tells us man we're just the underlings oh geez please no not in the face not the, not the acid tell that acid freak to get away from me please."


Ned Donovan  36:05  

"I'm going to bring the acid freak even closer if you don't tell me who Gato is."


Brian  36:09  

"Look, man, we're just a security detail. We just work for some wealthy guy and Mr. Gato says we gotta go capture some dude who's a thief and that's it."


Andrew  36:18  

"Might that be one Mr. Alfonso?"


Brian  36:20  

"Oh yeah, man. It's just Mr. Alfonso. It's just Mr. Alfonso, man, geez, aw criminies."


Ned Donovan 36:26  

"Who is Mr. Gato?" 


Brian  36:28  

"Mr. Gato is the boss man, man. He's the big man, man. The Man, man." 


Ned Donovan 36:33  

"Like the guy with the mustache?"


Brian  36:34  

"Yeah man! Open your eyes."


Ned Donovan 36:36  

I slap him across the face to calm him down.


Brian  36:38  

"Aw gee willikers it hurts, mister!"


Landree  36:41  

Zenia from the corner, she casts Minor Illusion on the guy. Ooh, it's a nat 20. And she takes on the voice of like, a more mature woman kinda kind of trying to sound like his mother. 


And is like, "Look you just tell these people any information you know," and it's just whispering in his ears.


Brian  36:57  



Okay, so let's pause and talk about Minor Illusion for a second. So you are creating an illusion to try and convince him.


Landree  37:12  

Yeah, like I want it to be like the voice of his mother that's, like, you know what? Because he's close to death. He's had a hard day, she's 


Brian  37:20  

What is, what is your, what is your, what is your magic modifier to use, Wisdom? 


Landree  37:24  

No, Charisma. 


Brian  37:26  

Charisma. All right, let's see how he handles this. Oh, he starts weeping. He starts weeping like a baby. You have broken him. Like there is clearly some deep-seated fear. "Oh I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I knew you wanted me to be better but I couldn't make it in the academy and I'm doing my best," and he's just, like, he's just like gone.


Ned Donovan 37:54  

What is happening?


Brian  37:57  

"I'm sorry." So during, during these events, the Boros Legion shows up. So they, there is clearly a ruckus that has been happening, it took them a hot minute to come in. But several Boros legionnaires come into the door. And they immediately kind of look around and they immediately go over and one of them starts talking to Dodgy. 


Sarah  38:17  





Brian  38:17  

Yeah, Fikarra, they kind of look at you. And they're just like, 'oh no, what's happened?' So these are, these are probably not your superiors. They're probably just fellow people. You probably know them. They definitely know you. 




Sarah  38:21  

All right. So it's like Joe. 


Brian  38:34  

Yeah, Jeau. 


Sarah  38:39  



Brian  38:39  

J-E-A-U. Jeau.


Sarah  38:39  



Ned Donovan 38:39  

I hate Dungeons and Dragons.


Brian  38:44  

So there's a couple of them and we'll say Jeau, Jeau comes over to you. Jeau is a, he's a tall human, probably sacrificed some brains for size at one point in his youth. Not quite as large as you, but 


Sarah  38:56  

Well, right. I mean. 


Brian  38:57  

A tough guy. 


Sarah  38:58  

"Hey, Jeau. How's it going?" 


Brian  39:00  

"You tell me."


Sarah  39:01  

"Oh, it's going really well."


Brian  39:03  



Sarah  39:03  

"Just a..." 


Brian  39:04  

"It's a bar brawl?"


Sarah  39:04  

"Little bit."


Brian  39:04  



Sarah  39:04  

"No, I mean, not a lot, not a bad one. You know, no tables were broken." 


Brian  39:09  

"Is this a civilian in custody?"


Sarah  39:11  

"Of the justicars, yes."


Brian  39:13  

"Okay. What do I need to be worried about here, Fikarra?"


Sarah  39:16  

"Gato and Mr. Alfonso?"


Brian  39:21  

"Oh boy." Whatever is this presentation is in, the Boros have stepped in it and they're very clearly like, this has become a paperwork incident, like, they're like, 'oh, come on.'


Sarah  39:34  

I will 


Eddie  39:34  

I walk up back to the bar. 


Brian  39:36  



Eddie  39:36  

And I pick up the orb. 


Brian  39:39  

You touch the orb.


You take eight points of chill damage.


Eddie  39:50  

I say "Agh, accursed item!"


Brian  39:53  

Here is the very difficult thing to understand is, you saw the vagabond who had this produce it barehandedly.


Ned Donovan 40:01  

Dodgy touched it, did he get hurt?


Brian  40:02  

And now Dodgy and you touched it and it hurt to touch it. Just skin, skin contact it hurts to touch it.


Eddie  40:09  

I take my cloak. 


Brian  40:10  



Ned Donovan 40:10  



Brian  40:12  



Eddie  40:12  

And I wrap it around it.


Brian  40:14  

You now, in your inventory, possess a perfect steel orb. The one at the bar, who you do not know personally, but you do know is of a higher ranking officer, is a sergeant of some kind, but perhaps one that has kept his distance from you. And he kind of turns around and he goes, "Jeau, wrap them all up. We're going." "If you would all please follow me." 


Sarah  40:40  

"It's all right. You'll get your weapons back." 


Brian  40:41  

Yeah, so your weapons and items have been collected off the magical wall. They will be redistributed to you so you have all your stuff back. But it comes with the understanding of like, look, we're not going to put you in manacles. We are willing to listen to your side of things. Don't give a reason to ignore that before you get a chance to state your case. So you are placed in the center of, you are surrounded by a squad of legionnaires, you will be escorted that way. Dodgy gives a wave on the way out to the remaining Boros legionnaires who are still cool with him. And you guys are exited out onto Theatre Row and as the day grows long and supper time sets in, you are marched down through the row. Amidst all the final preparations for tomorrow's festival of the Guildpact. The city is ready for excitement. Energy is primed into every decoration around you. Except you five are not destined for a party. You're destined for possible punishment as you make your way down toward the barracks of the 34th Boros precinct. 


Sarah  41:45  

This is gonna suck.


Brian  41:55  

On the next Encounter Party! Our story has barely begun and our heroes already find themselves in hot water. A run-in with the law brings newfound debts and the festival turns from humor to horror. And just what is that mysterious orb? Find out on the next Encounter Party!


Encounter Party is produced by Play Plus One and Charging Moose Media. Based on the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering, created by Wizards of the Coast. Sound capture and original sound effects by Will Melones, edited and mixed by Ned Donovan. Music by Alex Nakarada of Serpent Sound Studios. Special thanks to Megan Judkins, Marcus Thorne Begala, and Will Melones.


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