Meet the Team!

Our team is comprised of 5 professional actors and comedians from around the United States, led by the creative mind of Brian David Judkins.


Brian David Judkins (Dungeon Master)

Brian is an artist and content creator based in Chicago. He is the man behind Ukiyo-Pop, a convention staple that transforms contemporary pop culture into traditional Japanese woodblock style paintings. You can find his artwork at his website, or visit him at any number of conventions around the United States. As an actor, his work has been seen on stages across Chicago.


Andrew Krug (Lorzatch)

Andrew dimly remembers playing Advanced D&D in like 1993 and just wanting to play as stuff out of the monster manual. He's thrilled to be a part of Encounter Party. Andrew lives and works in Los Angeles as an actor and producer for stage and screen. He enjoys beer, bowling, death metal, and powerlifting. (New York: Motherboard, 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, The Tower. Regional: 4000 Miles, King Lear, Lion in Winter, Much Ado About Nothing.)

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Eddie Cooper (Lennox)

Eddie Cooper was born and raised in New York City. He works as an actor on the stage and screen. His credits include Little Shop of Horrors at Encores off Center (Audrey 2), The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui at Classic Stage Company (Roma), and Banshee on Cinemax (Fat Au)

When he's not hammering orcs, he enjoys thinking about hammering orcs.

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Landree Fleming (Zenia)

Landree is a Chicago-based actor, comedian, and gainz curator (for the layperson, personal trainer). She's worked with Drury Lane Theatre, Paramount Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Marriott Theatre, Griffin Theatre, Circle Theatre, Adventure Stage Chicago and Theatre at the Center. TV credits: Chicago PD. Other podcasts: You Simply Must and, if they feel like writing sketches, Deep Dish. In her spare time she likes cuddling with her dog Layla, seeking out all holiday Reese's treats once they go on sale (the Easter Egg is the best one) and testing the strength of her relationships by seeing just how much CrossFit talk her friends can stand.

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Ned Donovan (Brevin / Parax)

Originally from Portland Maine, Ned now makes his home in Brooklyn New York working as an actor. A life-long D&D player, and former MtG tournament participant, participating in a Ravnica campaign is the culmination of many years of preparation. As an actor, Ned has been seen on stages across the United States, as well as on television getting kicked off America’s Got Talent, and is currently findable on Netflix as a zombie coffee shop employee who is found eating a foot in Night of the Living Deb. Ned is also the founder of Charging Moose Media, an award-winning production company. Their action comedy, rock musical web series about NYC vampire slayers, The Hunted: Encore ended 2018 ranked #5 in the USA in the Web Series World Cup. Generally speaking Ned can be found playing board games, producing content, or daydreaming about cheese. Because cheese.

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Sarah Babe (Fikkara)

Sarah Babe is a Nerd of all Trades and veteran tabletop gamer of 20 years. As long as she can remember her life has been full of Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, board games, and music of all sorts. Her passion for Theatre led to her love of voice acting and radio. Sarah is also the co-host of Plot Points podcast that analyzes role-playing games as literature. She hopes you enjoy Fikarra and the rest of the Encounter Party as much as she does. Live long and prosper and may the dice luck be always in your favor!

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David Huynh (It’s a Secret til Season 2 Releases…)

David Huynh was born and raised in Acadiana, making him a Ragin' Cajun Asian. He is an actor based in New York City with credits including the Drama Desk-nominated production of Henry VI at the National Asian American Theatre Company (Bastard of Orleans, Richard III), Classic Stage Company, Transport Group, and others. He has over 2,000 hours of game time logged across every Monster Hunter video game and used to skip school to play DnD 3.5. Much love to his home DnD crew: My Magnus, My Magnus and Me.

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Will Melones (Sound Capture + Sound Effects)

Will is a music producer and recording engineer who had childhood dreams of inventing flying machines. Or writing video games. Today he plays tech guy for New York City's film composer community and builds badass instrument cables for his company Doc's Basement. Will lives in smelly New Jersey with two rabbits, one cat, and his human girlfriend.

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